5 for Friday with Marcus Peterson

Marcus Peterson at work with the Los Angeles Chargers
Marcus Peterson at work with the Los Angeles Chargers

Today’s 5 for Friday is with Marcus Peterson. Marcus is an NFL wide receiver, model and entrepreneur. Being a young man from Inglewood, California, who attended a small Christian school playing “8- man” football and was not introduced to the game of football until his 10th grade year of high school. As his passion for the game grew he continued to sharpen his craft on the field and make his dream of becoming a professional football player a reality. Without receiving any Division-1 college scholarships, it was a long shot coming from the odds of his situation. Although, his college career did not pan out as expected, he did not let that diminish his drive for making it to the big leagues staying focused on his (Plan A).

After his collegiate senior year he had the opportunity to train with elite NFL quarterback’s, receivers, and trainers. Marcus’s faith in God & himself lead to signing a contract with an NFL team. He received his MBA while studying and working in London, England. Working as a model and entrepreneur, Marcus is using his positive mindset to grow his motivational apparel company, MP Motivational Brand Apparel.

The full episode will be available on Monday so make sure to come back and be inspired. I’d like to thank Marcus for sharing his story and passion with us.

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What The “MP” Brand Represents

“MP” Motivational Brand Apparel, represents for anyone who has ever been over looked, told they couldn’t achieve something, they aren’t good enough, or underestimated. Understanding that there are and will be times in our lives where we will be overlooked and counted out but we can never lose faith or site of our goals. No matter what industry we are in, we all have a story of challenges we endure to achieving success. This notion provides the opportunity to wear our struggles through apparel to ignite our dreams in overcoming the “No’s” in life to becoming living proof of YES! 

“MP” apparel is a great concept to remind others and ourselves that when we recognize our “Why” & “Purpose” in life having control of the ending result and can NEVER give up on our dreams. Understanding, that whatever happens, a human being does not have the last word for on our destiny, God does


TTW: What were some of the things that stood out when you traveled overseas?

MP: Once you think I understood how small America really was when you’re living here all you think about is like how America is so huge the  American impact the population the market is so huge when I was over there it was so small if you have the Chinese and the Japanese market which can double you know for triple the US market yet that UK market the French market alone Germans aspirin so it’s like the world is so cute another thing that point out to me might was time management is key there’s no such thing as enough for instance you wake up maybe eight o’clock seven o’clock and go to sleep boom about 11:00 there’s really no such thing as a point time it’s just I’ve learned that there’s 24 hours in the day yeah it sounds it doesn’t sound like a lot but that that transformation of morning and night to morning and night to 24 hours is very drastic because like you can be sleep here but you know China just waking up you know you have to get that email fill out my signal Thailand was terrible because I was doing my dissertation and trying to build a global brand I’m having to set my alarm clock at 4:00 in the morning because it was 7 p.m. here in Los Angeles so you know if I need to email or get in touch for people in the US or you know in France or in the UAE you know times were different so just understanding that we have 24 hours in a day I will take a nap at like 10 p.m. which is absurd and then going to say that Alexis thing but like everything was just different because there’s so many different time zones

TTW: yeah well yet you know it can prefer my work my day job you know we deal with factories in China Vietnam India and Mexico at the same time so no but you know you start dealing with time zones of different countries and you got to get you know you had deadlines hurt for order cuts and everything else it’s different you know and then you’re dealing with Freight issues from China or India and then you got having cot so yeah you’re right I mean it’s just it’s actually a small world now with technology

MP: yeah exactly and even with that like the dollar fluctuates so low if you know the again when we can be what 85 cent compared and then you know couple days later it could be you know 60 cent so David so you have to look at that as well so everything was just way more advanced when I was able to travel when I came to cultures religions history laws it was just international trade laws and yeah I think that’s why with what you’re trying to do after your NFL career actually getting your MBA in London probably it’s best suited because it gave you that mindset I’ve always looked at it like you know for instant I school to learn Spanish yeah someone rushing help for you yeah so on so my Spanish teacher with african-american he swore dismantle everything it’s been but I think it’s a correlation from running someone who typically is a Latin descent or Hispanic so it’s cut its have a mixed it like that so I learned international business which is called global business there so to learn international business and ordeals internationally kind of made not just more sense that I learn more authentically than I did then I would have probably followed my international affairs in just one market

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