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Tanya Stanfield Road Warrior Strong
Tanya Stanfield - Road Warrior Strong

5 for Friday with Tanya Stanfield. Tanya is the CEO and Founder of Road Warrior Strong. Road Warrior Strong is a fitness concierge built for business travelers. Sounds like a perfect person to speak with for The Travel Wins podcast. Tanya shares why she started Road Warrior Strong and how it keeps her busy.

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Here’s a clip from her website:

“No matter what my career threw at me, I always made time for working out and eating well. I even trained for my second marathon while working three jobs seven days per week, and never missed a training session. So when I began traveling for work, I thought staying fit on the road would be a piece of cake.

Easy, right?

I saw other consulting colleagues’ health crumble due to stress, horrible airport food, lack of sleep, and weight gain. But I was convinced that wasn’t going to happen to me. So before my first business trip, I spent over an hour on TripAdvisor viewing hotel fitness room photos to make sure I found one that would suit my needs. Needless to say, after all of the time spent doing that and with all of the real work I still had to do, meal planning went straight out the window.”

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Tanya Stanfield: You’re absolutely right and I think one thing people struggle with when they’re traveling is you know they go from destination to destination and sort of hope and pray that you know they’ll be able to maintain their health and fitness on the road you know they hope that there’s a decent gym in their hotel they hope that they’ll be able to find healthy meal options where they’re at but I think the disconnect happens when they don’t know that in advance and when you’re in the moment and when you’re traveling it’s such a stressful environment speeding in the first place not only do you not have time to search for those resources when you’re in a destination and you’re traveling but you also suffer a lot from you know fatigue and HSN and when decision fatigue sets in you know you have less ability to make the right choices for your body so that’s something that we’re really trying to do is just really close that gap for people I’m on Instagram and then on the website is I almost like a resource guide as well

The Travel Wins: I mean seems like you’re going after specific cities and really saying here’s how to you know, here’s how to travel in San Francisco or doing more City based types of stuff as well

Tanya Stanfield: We are yeah so right now we’re focusing primarily on some core cities Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle being three of them and expanding as we go along but we do help travelers. I help travelers personally for travelling to multiple destinations you know most recently I helped one traveler who’s traveling to Las Vegas and I helped another who was traveling to Louisville so I love just being a sounding board for people and just really helping them dig in and find you know where they’re gonna work out and where they’re gonna eat healthy while they’re traveling to these various destinations

The Travel Wins: Was your advice do not hit the slot machines in the McCarran Airport Vegas

Tanya Stanfield: It did not. no no it’s surprising because you know Las Vegas isn’t known for being you know a healthy paradise in the least but there are a lot of options there they’re just not very well publicized. So you know for this particular traveler we were able to track down some great resources for her as far as taking yoga classes were concerned which is kind of a surprise and also you know finding places where she could eat you know you know on her dairy-free diet so there are ways where you can you know find what you need for your body on the road again it’s just about having that plan in advance and knowing where to go and where to find it

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