5 for Friday with Toni Nicole

5 for Friday with Toni Nicole

Today’s 5 for Friday podcast is with Toni Nicole. Toni wears many hats after 20+ years in the entertainment management industry. She is the founder & CEO of Enterprise Management and Founder & CEO of RE•IGN Movement which is a platform for Hip Hop Artist Development & Management.

Entertainment Management is a firm that manages Recording Artists / Actors / Writers / Comedians / Speakers. They also provide management and marketing to businesses and brands. They promote Networking Events, Conferences, Concerts, Workshops, and Fashion Shows to name a few.

She is also a Co-Founder of Act of Faith Hands of Love Organization alongside National Gospel Recording Artist Howard Sapp. This organization is nonprofit and we execute community events, concerts, and conference in the USA and around the globe!

I hope you enjoy this quick clip on Friday and come back on Monday for the full episode where she talks about working with her talent and how they can improve their travel habits.

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It’s time for another five for Friday podcast. A quick preview of my upcoming guest highlighting their travel stories and travel tips. Make sure to listen to the full episode being released on Monday. If you have an extra minute would like to be notified of future podcast please subscribe to The Travel Wins podcast on most podcasting platforms. Today’s five for Friday podcast is with Toni Nicole. Toni Wears many hats after 20 plus years in the entertainment management industry. She’s the founder and CEO of enterprise management and re ign movement which are platforms for hip hop artist development and management

TTW: I guess I have two traveling questions for you for you what’s the most difficult part of the travel and then what do you think the second question is going to be for your artist what’s the thing that they don’t think about beforehand like if you’ve got a new artist and you know they never been on tour before blows him away or makes them go home this is what I expected

TN: Well the biggest thing timing I have put in time I have one artist where they checked luggage and you know they weren’t paying attention call for the flight missed the flight and like well you have a show to do you missed in the flight you know you getting penalized for that not only is reflection on you is definitely reflect upon my company even though that representing you Oh timing I was the biggest thing and they have this hiccup moment with all yeah I need to be on time absolutely you need to be on time you know we are flying out and as you already know flights can be unpredictable.

You can’t always you know all the kind of stuff can happen we at the airport you know or even when you’re coming flying in and god forbid you to misplace your luggage or your luggage is lost you know it’s all kind stuff so I hate flying into huge airports but I know I have to.

You know like Atlanta’s the worst to me Atlanta is like the worst I can’t stand it but you know so far the many times you fly into it you get the hang of it you know where to go not to go and you know you basically need to have all some good running shoes so you can get to the if you have a short layover and I try to tell them I try to tell my artists like do not get caught up thinking that although I can leave if you have an hour layover need to stay put don’t even dare leaving the airport to go outside anywhere there’s always a place called Phoebe it’s not worth it you have to get back in you know check in make sure everything is cool and then you have to get where you need to be to for your departure you know for you to get onto the plane.

So I tell people do not leave the airport if you have an hour you know layover don’t do it.

TTW: I mean there are so many conveniences now at the airports that you had that you don’t need to unless you’re trying to meet somebody specifically or whatever which I never do I was along with you unless I had like a four or five hour layover yeah it is different yeah but you know God job I wouldn’t answer that for me I wouldn’t want the stress of wanting to have to get back in line and do everything all over again.

TN: Exactly it’s very time-consuming you don’t want to do that because of lines get long they get little because you know especially at particular times that you’re traveling you know midday morning is long just people are trying to get early flights people are getting new flights you know you’re going too late you have to wait and do sometimes if you waiting in line you barely cutting it close to getting on to your next flight you have to go through security you know all that kind of stuff just like I said just the stress it’s not worth it for me it isn’t it is it if I were for me neither so you know I always tell like I tell my team like when we’re traveling make sure you got everything they should be stay together I hate chafing like kids but I’m like I got to make sure we’re all together so that we can get on this plane together get off this plane together and everything is fine I don’t have time to be trying to send out a search party whatever yeah one person is not home alone this is not you know going through that she’s not worth it.

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