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How do I start and operate my own business as a young mom?

Heidi Cortez is an American entrepreneur and the personification of “don’t judge a book by its’ cover”. While being model beautiful has certainly brought her opportunities, after interviewing her I found out that hard work, determination and persistency are the real factors to her success. Starting at a young age Heidi has always considered herself an entrepreneur. Being a mom at a young age and starting a tanning salon business are not the typical business beginnings for most but Heidi always knew she needed to provide and work hard to be successful in her endeavors.

We talk about her latest project “$3 Dollar Marketing Club”. She thinks of it as Your Small Business Marketing Machine that gives you the most effective strategy for Instagram, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Website Optimization, SEO, Facebook and much more. All you have to do is plug their step-by-step strategy into your business and you’ll see with your own eyes what works. With so many of us having or starting our own businesses I think she is hitting the sweet spot of marketing and at a great price.

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ABOUT Heidi Cortez

As a lifelong entrepreneur, including identifying gaps, opportunities, and projects with a plan, Heidi has made sure to reach timelines and milestones throughout her 20+ year career.

She understood at an adolescent age the importance of business and self-branding. Heidi sold door-to-door as a child and by the age of 22 she was the sole business owner of one of Northern Nevada’s largest tanning salons. She led a team of employees and passionately worked 12 hour days building the success of the salon while branding herself in the entertainment business.

Cortez is a self-taught writer who quickly gained interests with giant brands like SIRIUS Radio and Simon & Schuster. Cortez was hired by SIRIUS Radio in 2005, and then soon published her first book with Simon & Schuster in 2006. Her book immediately hit the Barnes & Noble Best Sellers list. With the booming popularity, the book was published again by Simon & Schuster the next year in paperback.

Heidi’s self-branding included acting and modeling, which took off internationally in television and print. In 2008 Cortez was cast on the hit American reality television show Sunset Tan on the E! Network. She spent two seasons on the highly-rated television show, which skyrocketed her tanning salon business and entrepreneur success.


Utilizing her own expertise and background in business, marketing, writing and modeling, she found herself wanting to help other models climb the ladder. Heidi wrote her second book titled, “For Somebody Who Knows Nobody: how to start your modeling career” in 2012, and is currently revising it to be published again later this year. In 2015 she discovered an unknown abstract artist who is “only” 5’3’’, but Heidi saw the opportunity for her to become a model and brand. Heidi’s vision and working extensive managerial hours to make her an international superstar paid off for her client. Cortez created a brand for the soon-to-be model in only a few short months, changing the life of the aspiring artist forever.

Cortez has helped her model clients’ book jobs with Guess Jeans, Allure Magazine, Power Rangers, Playboy, FOX Sports and many more. In Sept 2017 Cortez launched The Model Adviser, an online advising & coaching program for kids and adults of all ages.

To learn more about The Model Adviser, click here: www.TheModelAdviser.com

Currently Cortez lives in Beverly Hills, California managing, advising, mentoring, and marketing for a variety of brands and businesses including realtors, plastic surgeons, celebrities, models, and entrepreneurs.

In 2020 when Covid-19 hit and most businesses were forced to shut down or curtail their activities which led to much suffering through no fault of their own – Heidi and her team decided to think of a way in which we could help out and give something back. The Three Dollar marketing Club was the answer we came up with.

Join the $3 Marketing Club today! www.3DollarMarketingClub.com


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