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Brian Butler Au suckerpunch management mixed martial arts entrepreneur

Can I switch careers and still be successful?

Brian Butler-Au, founder and CEO of SuckerPunch Entertainment, is my guest today. SuckerPunch Entertainment is one of the most respected and established athlete management and marketing companies in all of Mixed Martial Arts. Representing fighters such as Rose Namajunas, Weili Zhang, Jens Pulver, Felice Herring, Carla Esparza, Angela Hill and Paul Felder plus dozens more top tier fighters gives Brian and SuckerPunch quite the insight as to the changes in marketing, sponsorships and management for the fastest growing sport in the US, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

We talk about the struggles of scheduling and traveling to so many different states and countries for fighters and how the fighter determines if they want SuckerPunch at the fights or to be hands off during fight week. Obviously the worldwide lockdown has affected the fighters and even the sponsorship opportunities available to the fighters. Brian and his team are working thru the lockdown issues and continuing to make their fighters feel represented.

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For 12 years Brian owned and operated a full service ad agency on the east coast. Working globally with international cliental as well as major US clients such as the NFL, NHL and several fortune 500 companies, Brian has now turned his focus into sports management and marketing. “I was so surprised to see how fast the sport was growing but how green the infrastructure of the business was for the athletes. The opportunity presented itself to come into this space and make an impact for the athletes and the sport so I took it.” Taking a major leap of faith Brian shut the doors on his ad agency in 2009 to focus on building a new company, SuckerPunch Entertainment. In just a few short years SuckerPunch Entertainment is one of the most recognized management companies in the sport today.

    • Born: May 18, 1971 | Hong Kong
    • Weight Class: 155lbs.
    • Bruises kinda easily, Kinda quick, Can go for a solid 2 rounds before age catches up with him.
  • Marketing, Business Development, Sponsorships, Contract Negotiation, Athlete Representation.

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Rob Koenen | boxed water is making a better planet

Rob Koenen boxed water sustainable marketing michigan

What is involved in the marketing of water?

Rob Koenen is my guest on today’s podcast. Rob is the chief marketing officer of the Michigan based company, Boxed Water. We had a great talk about sustainability, changes in business due to the lockdown, and future expansion plans. Boxed Water is doing great things outside of just providing great tasting water by incorporating the planting of trees with their social media fans. Make sure to check them out and see how easy it is for them to plant some trees with just a post.

It was interesting to hear Rob talk about working for a company with a bigger purpose versus just marketing for another company. Make sure to listen for their approach to sponsorship opportunities and how they feel about influencers.

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ABOUT Boxed Water


Part sustainable water company, part philanthropic project. We obsess over providing the purest water in the most sustainable way. We’re not satisfied with the status quo – our planet doesn’t need more plastic bottles. We’re constantly finding new ways to make a positive impact for our planet.


Our business is growing, not our carbon footprint. We opened a second filling location in Utah so we can better serve our customers while minimizing our impact on the planet.


Giving back to the planet is more than just a company philosophy. For our employees, it’s personal. Together, the Boxed Water team is working toward a shared goal of creating a better tomorrow by creating more sustainable solutions today.


Boxed Water’s filling locations are strategically placed to allow us to serve a wide variety of locations while keeping our carbon footprint down.

Location is everything. To keep up with the growing demand for Boxed Water, we carefully chose our filling locations so we can reach more areas with a minimal carbon footprint.



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Kevin Ford | corporate traveler with great hobbies to keep him busy travel

Kevin Ford corporate traveler uag tablo family man

How do I find craft beer places in new cities?

A talk with Kevin Ford, VP of Sales, for Tablo and UAG. A seasoned business traveler who has great tips and thoughts after 20+ years of traveling.

We talk about how he balances being on the road several weeks each month while having a successful relationship with his wife while raising their teenage daughter as a team. He keeps the conversation light while talking about his hobbies and how he incorporates them into his travel……think beer and baseball.

“Best airport to get stuck at …..Minneapolis”


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