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Pete Kotzbach



As I continue to travel the states for my “day job” as a sales representative for a western apparel and cowboy boot company I find myself giving and taking advice from other business travelers.

In the summer of 2017, one of my friends made the statement “you should start a podcast”. At that point I had yet to listen to a podcast. I listened to music, comedy and even the news on my satellite radio. Late 2017 I started listening to podcasts and people involved with podcasting.

I started watching a YouTube show called The Hot Ones hosted by Sean Evans.

Me and Sean Evans from the Hot Ones show
Me and Sean Evans from the Hot Ones show

I watched a “Hot Ones” episode with guest businessman Gary Vaynerchuk. At the end of the show I decided to search “Gary Vaynerchuk”, also known as Gary Vee, and see what he is all about. I start listening to his show and podcast. I enjoyed and learned much from his talks/rants and his mentality of going for “IT”, whatever “IT“ might be. In February 2018, Gary held a raffle for a limited sneaker release on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. I went down to Melrose early and won the raffle for an opportunity to purchase his limited release Crushing It sneakers and a quick meet and greet with Gary. He was very cool and appreciative of the New York Jets/Titans football cards I gave him.

Me and Gary Vaynerchuk
Me and Gary Vaynerchuk

A few months later another friend, located in England, would start his own mixed martial arts podcast called Monstars MMA. Scott encouraged me to get off my a$# and start my own show. Click his logo for the link.

In the summer of 2018 I started The Travel Wins podcast, for and about business travelers. My initial podcast interviews were with my friends and people I’ve known for awhile ….. easy enough. Learning how to record interviews, ask questions, edit, publish and promote were all new undertakings for me.

Branching out and asking people I respect to be future guests has been thrilling and formidable. The replies so far have been terrific. The idea that my show would have NBA players, NFL players and executives, musicians (including Grammy winners and inductees to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame), actors, comedians, business owners, business executives, authors, speakers and Olympic athletes while being listened to in 82 different countries was unimaginable at the beginning of 2018. I am learning as much as I am sharing with each podcast.

In late 2018 I was listening to a podcaster named Lewis Howes. He decided to run a contest for his millions of followers that would allow 5 listeners to be a guest on his world famous podcast show The School of Greatness. I entered the contest not thinking I would win. A few weeks later I receive an email from his company stating that I had in fact won and would be one of five winners to be guests on his show. Being a guest on his show gave me tremendous insights from someone who has built and operated a successful podcast business. The picture below has the link to the episode I was on.

Lewis Howes and Guests
My episode on the Lewis Howes podcast

My hope is that business travelers or people that are interested in careers involving business travel will listen to my podcast and gain insight on how to deal with the ups and downs of business travel. If they learn about a new career path, website or travel hack that makes their travel easier while they are away from home then the work of setting up this show was all worth it.

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