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Cake by Courtney

Cake by Courtney owner, Courtney Rich, is my guest today. This isn’t déjà vu. Courtney is my first guest to be a repeat guest on my podcast. She is...

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Wendy Hill Vegas Stories

Wendy Hill – Vegas Stories Imagine all the crazy things you would see and the people you would meet after working nearly two decades in a major casino on...

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Morgan Weske Dance Skater

Morgan Weske – Happiness Is a Pair of Roller Skates Is happiness the key to a successful career? In this episode of The Travel Wins, I catch up with...

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Ariel Garten MUSE

Ariel Garten is my guest today. She is a neuroscientist, mom, entrepreneur and co-founder of a company that creates MUSE: a brain sensing headband. It was exciting to speak...

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Jim Cressman Invictus

Jim Cressman is my guest today. Jim is the founder of Invictus Entertainment Group based in Canada. He works as music agent to some incredible country music artists like,...

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Chris Gratton Touring

Chris Gratton is my guest today. Chris’s experience in being a tour director, tour producer and production manager for some of the biggest acts in the music business is...

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Featured Guests

Ryron Gracie

Jiu Jitsu Instructor

“I want to to start making a list of everywhere I’ve traveled now that I’m talking to you”

Josie Stevens

model / designer / manager

“I just love people in general. I love just chatting and hearing what people have to say. I feel that’s my favorite thing about travel”

Kevin Sorbo

Actor / Director / Producer

When I booked Hercules, I was in New Zealand for seven years”

Meryl Davis

Olympic Gold Medalist / Dancing with the Stars

“You just have to buckle up and just accept what comes along with the travel lifestyle”

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The Travel Wins World Map May 23 2020 77 countries
The Travel Wins World Map - 77 countries recently adding Latvia, Honduras, Montenegro, Paraguay, St Vincent, Cape Verde, Guam, Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand, Kiribati and Japan

The Travel Wins


Love this show. Always keeps me interested  and always look forward to new episodes.

Review by Tabby, from United States of America • January 20, 2020

The Travel Wins

What a great find!!

I am a frequent business traveler and this podcast was not only useful… and I’ve had a lot of laughs with similar experiences!!

Review by Brett212, from United States of America • August 15, 2019

The Travel Wins

Travel Podcast!

A great show with helpful tips

Review by WHKoz, from United States of America • August 13, 2019

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