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A weekly interview podcast with people that travel for their work

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Raquel McNabb – CARIS Sports

Raquel McNabb is my guest today. She founded the Caris Sports Foundation to give kids, who otherwise couldn’t afford to join a team, the chance to play. An accomplished...

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Steve Stevens – Rebel Guitarist

Steve Stevens is my guest today. He shared a lot of stories from the road and some of his guitar playing background starting at the age of 7. Spending...

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Danielle Lewis – Pilot

Danielle Lewis is my guest today. Danielle is an airline pilot for a major commercial airline. After years serving in the Air Force as a C130 pilot, Danielle was...

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Jeff Jones – Smooth Bass

Jeff Jones is my guest on today’s podcast. As an accomplished bassists and singer, Jeff is currently touring with Tom Cochrane and Burton Cummings. Playing music since the late...

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Cheryl Rogers-Barnett – Princess

Cheryl Rogers-Barnett is my guest on today’s podcast. As someone that works in the western industry, it was an honor to speak with the oldest daughter of cowboy legend...

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PaDre Holmes – Music Time

Padre Holmes is my guest on today’s podcast. As an accomplished musician, Padre is playing music with terrific singers like Morris Day and Macy Gray. It was great catching...

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Featured Guests

Ryron Gracie

Jiu Jitsu Instructor

“I want to to start making a list of everywhere I’ve traveled now that I’m talking to you”

Kiki Wong

musician / author / traveler

“I think that’s what so great about hardships in travel, they may seem really terrible in the moment, at the same time that’s part of the experience and you learn from them”

Kevin Sorbo

Actor / Director / Producer

When I booked Hercules, I was in New Zealand for seven years”

Meryl Davis

Olympic Gold Medalist / Dancing with the Stars

“You just have to buckle up and just accept what comes along with the travel lifestyle”

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The Travel Wins World Map - 67 countries recently adding Belgium, South Africa, Turkey, New Zealand, Malaysia, Denmark, Romania, Kiribati, Qatar, Aruba, Portugal, Poland, Jamaica, and Japan

The Travel Wins


Love this show. Always keeps me interested  and always look forward to new episodes.

Review by Tabby, from United States of America • January 20, 2020

The Travel Wins

What a great find!!

I am a frequent business traveler and this podcast was not only useful… and I’ve had a lot of laughs with similar experiences!!

Review by Brett212, from United States of America • August 15, 2019

The Travel Wins

Travel Podcast!

A great show with helpful tips

Review by WHKoz, from United States of America • August 13, 2019

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