The Travel Wins

An interview show with business travelers. Take a listen if you are interested in learning about careers and jobs that require you to travel. It’s not always glamorous but some people just aren’t meant for desk jobs.

I am very fortunate to have interviewed athletes, entertainers and business people from a wide range of industries. Their travels range from weekly to monthly and from interstate to international but we all have to figure out how to balance life on the road.

Find out if you are ready for a career as a road warrior or maybe you’re just a 9 to 5 office person.

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Greg Chumakov | millennial making a difference with

Can a millennial make a positive difference in the world? Greg Chumakov, Chief Operating Officer, is an impact entrepreneur dedicated to building software to provide large-scale change and a...

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Berny Martin Catou

How do you start your own fashion show? Berny Martin is my guest today and he is a fashion designer, style consultant, custom tailor and founder of the Midwest...

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Greg Schwem Humorist

Imagine your corporate conference without him? Greg Schwem, business humorist, is my guest today and he has a great career making others laugh for a living. Greg started as...

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Traci Callahan Elevate

What does it take to elevate your beach volleyball game? Traci Callahan is my guest today and she is making a comeback to the highest levels of beach volleyball....

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Nicholas Hinrichsen WithClutch

Is now the right to time to start a financial technology company? Nicholas Hinrichsen, co-founder of WithClutch and Carlypso, is my guest today and he thinks now is the...

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Grant Chang Acellent

How important is corporate travel for a recent college graduate? Grant Chang is my guest this week. His work for Acellent requires him to travel several times a month...

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Featured Guests

Ryron Gracie

Jiu Jitsu Instructor

“I want to to start making a list of everywhere I’ve traveled now that I’m talking to you”

Josie Stevens

model / designer / manager

“I just love people in general. I love just chatting and hearing what people have to say. I feel that’s my favorite thing about travel”

Kevin Sorbo

Actor / Director / Producer

When I booked Hercules, I was in New Zealand for seven years”

Meryl Davis

Olympic Gold Medalist / Dancing with the Stars

“You just have to buckle up and just accept what comes along with the travel lifestyle”

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The Travel Wins World Map - 87 countries recently adding Slovenia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iceland, Guatemala, Mongolia, El Salvador, Latvia, Honduras, Paraguay, New Zealand, Kiribati and Japan

The Travel Wins


I was a guest once in this podcast! Host is very enjoyable professional and above reproach!
OG Mack Drama
@mackdrama1017 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/05/20


The Travel Wins


Love this show. Always keeps me interested  and always look forward to new episodes.

Review by Tabby, from United States of America • January 20, 2020

The Travel Wins

What a great find!!

I am a frequent business traveler and this podcast was not only useful… and I’ve had a lot of laughs with similar experiences!!

Review by Brett212, from United States of America • August 15, 2019

The Travel Wins

Travel Podcast!

A great show with helpful tips

Review by WHKoz, from United States of America • August 13, 2019

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