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Gabby Reece is an exceptional individual who effortlessly juggles multiple roles in her life. Not only is she a devoted wife and loving mother, but she also thrives as a successful businesswoman, accomplished athlete, and captivating podcaster. What sets Gabby apart is her unwavering commitment to maintaining her own health and fitness regime amidst her myriad responsibilities.

Gabby’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. From her early days as a college student, she embarked on a path that led her to New York City for modeling gigs, all while playing volleyball for the esteemed Florida State University team. It was during this time that she honed her skills in time management and prioritization, a lesson learned at a young age that has served her well throughout her endeavors.

As a guest on a business travel show, Gabby brings a wealth of experiences and insights to the table. Her extensive travels have taken her to fascinating corners of the world, and she has an impressive repertoire of interesting places to share. Moreover, she enthusiastically discusses the countries she has yet to explore but eagerly anticipates visiting in the future. Gabby possesses a unique perspective on cultural diversity, advocating for an open mind and embracing new locations as opportunities to forge meaningful connections with the people she encounters.

To keep up with Gabby Reece’s exciting ventures and upcoming travels, I highly recommend following her on her various social media platforms. Her online presence serves as a window into her world, providing glimpses of her latest projects and the destinations she is set to explore. By following her journey, you’ll gain inspiration and a renewed sense of adventure that can fuel your own explorations.

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ABOUT Gabby Reece

Gabrielle Reece is not only a volleyball legend, but an inspirational health and fitness leader, podcast host, corporate speaker, New York Times bestselling author, wife, and mother. The former professional beach volleyball player and Nike’s first female spokeswoman is the definition of both athleticism and beauty. Gabby is a force to be reckoned with in the gym and on a microphone.

When Women’s Sports & Fitness named Gabby one of the ‘20 Most Influential Women in Sports’ (August 1997) someone asked why they picked Gabby for the issue’s cover, and the magazine’s editor wrote, “Because I believe she represents, finally, the answer to all the image-questing pendulum swinging of the decades gone by.

Who is the female athlete? She is everything once thought to be an inherent contradiction. She is strong and beautiful, sweaty and feminine, tough and ladylike.”

Gabby won an athletic scholarship to Florida State University for indoor volleyball where she played two seasons before accepting offers from the modeling world. Despite the demand of modeling and competing, Gabby set two school volleyball records for FSU that still stand today.

A Florida State star turned pro, Gabby trained hard to hone her skills in 2-person beach volleyball and competed domestically in the 1999-2000 Olympic 4 on 4 Challenge Series and the 1999-2000 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.

In 1997, competing with the best global beach volleyball players ever assembled, Gabby’s 4-person team took first place at the first-ever Beach Volleyball World Championships. 1997 was Gabby’s fifth season as team captain in the 4-person Women’s Beach Volleyball League (WBVL), and her fourth captaining Team Nike.
Named the Offensive Player of the Year in 1994-95 and WBVL blocks leader, Gabby led the WBVL in kills four straight years in a row from 1993-1996.

In 1994 Gabby became Nike’s first female athlete to design a shoe, and Nike’s first-ever female cross-training spokesperson. Working with Tinker Hatfield, designer of the Air Jordan, Nike first launched Gabby’s shoe the Air Trainer, then the Air Patrol in 1995, the Air GR in 1997 and the Air GR II in 1998, and her shoe eventually became the first women’s shoe to outsell the Air Jordan.

Gabby’s most recent book, My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper (May 2013), quickly became a New York Times Bestseller. Gabby boldly shared her personal story of real-life ups and downs of motherhood and career in order to encourage women worldwide to challenge traditional norms and find personal happiness.

Gabby’s challenge to feminist definitions of the modern women sparked huge media interest, resulting in appearances on The Today Show, Rock Center with Brian Williams, Live from the Couch, Dr. Oz, Katie Couric, E! Chelsea Lately, The Jeff Probst Show and The Better Show, to name a few, she was also co-host of The View and appeared on Access Hollywood.

Gabby’s health and fitness tips have appeared in Shape, Men’s Fitness, and Elle magazines. She has been a contributing editor for Yahoo Health and has written for The Huffington Post and the Los Angeles Times Magazine.

Gabby married the love of her life big wave surfer and waterman Laird Hamilton in 1997. They have 3 children (2 together) and reside in Kauai, HI and Malibu, CA. Gabby was born in Southern California and was raised in New York, St Thomas, and Florida. From the ages of 2-7 Gabby lived with family friends in Long Island New York. She then reunited with her mother and moved to St Thomas until her teenage years. She spent her high school years in Florida and was introduced to sports in the 11th grade.


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