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When the lockdown isn’t the worst thing you’ve been thru in the past two years.

AM Davies is my guest on today’s podcast. AM is a multi-faceted person who works as a stripper, pole dancer, pole dancing instructor, advocate all while dealing with being a recent amputee. We had a great talk about her dancing career and advocacy for dancers across the nation. She shares her story as well as many other dancers on her podcast and social media pages.

We also discuss her accident which led to the amputation of her lower left leg. Being an exotic dancer just became that much harder learning how to walk and perform with a prosthetic leg. The discussion also mentions the negative effect the worldwide pandemic has affected strippers and everyone involved with the dance clubs.

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A pole dancer and teacher for since 2002, AM Davies has been at the forefront of establishing the pole community. AM started dancing in Los Angeles strip clubs in 2002 and, four years later, won the title of Spearmint Rhino’s Entertainer of the year. AM then moved onto dance at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood, California starting in 2007 and remained there for 11.5 years.

In 2008, she organized Pole Star Invitational, the first pole dancing competition outside of strip clubs in the US. She founded United Pole Artists in 2009 with the goal of bringing dancers together to share their work and providing a platform for those outside the community to watch competitions and learn about pole.

Her thorough knowledge of pole and shared experience in the pole industry has motivated her to work on Fistful of Steel: A Pole Dance Film.  FFoS is a documentary focused on the history of pole dance.  She is a Co-Founder of Soldiers of Pole.

Yes, a Stripper Podcast

Strippers are real people that are capable of amazing things, in and outside of the strip club.  On “Yes, a Stripper Podcast” each week with a different guest, our host, AM Davies, discusses what strippers are up to, what the climate in and outside of the clubs is like and how social classifications can be harmful to marginalized groups.  Strippers, sex workers, pole dancers and civilians can learn from stripper and sex worker community members and their allies.  This podcast is recorded in collaboration with Period. and Starburns Audio.

Launching on February 12, 2020 on YouTube and anywhere else you can find podcasts! ‘Yes, A Stripper Podcast’ is produced under Period Network in conjunction with Starburns Audio. Producers are… Makenzie Mizell, Shelly Snyder and AM Davies

Vanessa Demopoulos | MMA fighter and exotic dancer makes for a dangerous combination

Vanessa Demopolous WEBSITE mma fighter jiu jitsu exotic dancer

Is it okay to fight like a girl?

That would be a compliment if being compared to this week’s guest, Vanessa Demopoulos. Vanessa is a professional mixed martial arts fighter, jiu jitsu fighter, author and exotic dancer. She has her first pro title fight on July 17 and she is excited about the chance to show her skills at LFA 85 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. One of the subjects we discussed is the differences in her training after switching to the Blackhouse Gym in California from Ohio.

“One of the things with traveling, so often and so much, is that you meet really cool people all around the country and all around the world and I love being able to stay in touch with them.”  ~Vanessa Demopoulos on how she fills her travel downtime

Vanessa was the first professional fighter guest on the show and she was great with sharing her stories and travel experiences. Make sure to check out her upcoming fights and you can watch several of her previous fights on YouTube. It was great meeting and hearing someone being so positive during the lockdown and looking forward to her future.

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Intro song “Road Trip” by Robin Tricker



WINLovethpatra YoungLFA 81 – Emmers vs. Barbosa
Jan / 31 / 2020
Decision (Unanimous)
Mike Beltran
WINNadine MandiauLFA 69 – Perez vs. Moreno
Jun / 07 / 2019
Submission (Armbar)
Jason Herzog
WINValerie SotoLFA 62 – Kenney vs. Cachero
Mar / 22 / 2019
Decision (Majority)
Aladin Martinez
LOSSItzel EsquivelLFA 52 – Rodriguez vs. Gutierrez
Oct / 19 / 2018
Decision (Unanimous)
Jon Schorle
WINEmme WeberIron Tiger Fight Series / Alliance MMA – IT Fight Series 79
Dec / 15 / 2017
Submission (Armbar)


WINAndrea AmaroTuff-N-Uff – Mayhem in Mesquite 11
May / 20 / 2017
Submission (Armbar)
Joe Sullivan
LOSSKatlyn ChookagianNAAFS – Night of Champions 2013
Dec / 07 / 2013
TKO (Punches)
WINMadeline Simmons KidderAAMMA 32 – Absolute Action MMA 32
Apr / 26 / 2013
Submission (Armbar)
WINGina BegleyAAMMA 29 – Absolute Action MMA 29
Oct / 27 / 2012
Decision (Split)

Founder & CEO – The Stripper Bible

  • 12yr Exotic Entertainment
  • Internationally recognized
  • Pole Competitor
  • Exotic Entertainment Instructor
  • Twerk Instructor
  • Pole Instructor
  • Professional MMA fighter
  • World Class Jiujitsu competitor
  • Netflix Cover Girl and participant for Original Series “The Ultimate BeastMaster”

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Morgan Weske | making a career from roller skating being a dance skater

Morgan Weske roller skater dancer choreographer

Morgan Weske – Happiness Is a Pair of Roller Skates

Is happiness the key to a successful career? In this episode of The Travel Wins, I catch up with roller skating sensation, Morgan Weske, to discuss how her passion for skating created unexpected opportunities. Learn how Morgan broke into show business, survived as a professional backup dancer, and found happiness in a job that keeps her roller-skating around the world.

“I could be Morgan Weske. I didn’t have to cover up my tattoos, could wear whatever I want, be myself. People wanted that.” ~ Morgan Weske

Morgan also talks in-depth on a variety of topics, including her favorite places to visit, upcoming events, her time spent in quarantine, dating, and much more. Outside of professional roller-skating, Morgan stays busy with several projects, including dance, choreography, acting, instruction, and social media. You can experience Morgan’s Dance Skate brand on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Dance Skate features dance skaters from around the world, tutorials, and virtual events. If you ever considered making a career out of your passion, you don’t want to miss this highly engaging episode.

Show Notes:

1:02 – Find out how Morgan started her career as a professional backup dancer.

3:06 – Morgan talks about the challenges of a professional dance career.

3:54 – Discover how Morgan finds new freedom from roller skating while visiting Venice Beach.

5:34 – Roller skating starts to pay off for Morgan!

7:51 – Morgan makes a clever analogy to explain the difference between dancing and roller skating.

13:57 – We discuss Morgan’s upcoming tour, Olympic appearance, international travel, and more.

19:50 – Pete gets a shocking answer when he asks about the most exciting place Morgan has visited.

24:37 – Morgan talks about the physical challenges of travel and staying in peak condition.

33:00 – Morgan explains why you’ll find more success by pursuing your passions.

35:02 – Pete asks Morgan about her long-term goals.

43:27 – Find out which artist Morgan admires most.

46:43 – Morgan discusses the challenges of long-distance dating and what it would take to settle down.

49:15 – Learn what Morgan does to pass the time while traveling.

52:04 – Morgan shares ways to connect.

54:54 – Pete and Morgan discuss the opportunities that occur from asking.

Show Links:

Debbie Reynold’s Dance Studio

Jamestown, New York

Morgan’s appearance in the commercial:

Kelly Howell

Connect with Morgan Weske:

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Erin Lamont | the business of burlesque and being a mom

Erin Lamont dance

Erin Lamont is my guest on today’s podcast. Erin is a choreographer, dancer, entrepreneur, wife and mom who  has been working professionally ever since she graduated from college with a B.A in Dance, and a B.B.A in Marketing from Western Michigan University. On this podcast she shares her views and insights on how to be successful in business as a working mom and wife.

“It’s a grind but you just learn how to sleep on a plane, especially when you have kids that don’t realize you only slept two hours the night before.”

She has worked with notable artists; Kevin Rudolph, the Veronicas, Trace Adkins, Boys Like Girls, and Lady Gaga. Her choreography can be seen on; L.A Fashion Week, the 2009 Miss USA Pageant, the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant in Vietnam, NBC, Exercise TV, and ESPN. Other credits include; Warner Brothers Film “The Lonely Dog” directed by Avika Goldsman, Skechers, Nike, Nuskin, ABC, Puma, Wella, Wyndham Resorts, Playboy, EMI Records, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Disney, Spike TV, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the NBA L.A Clippers Dance team. 

Erin also tours as a guest artist and has worked with Sydney Dance CompanyMelbourne Music Academy, ABC Dance Group in Vietnam, Broadway Dance Center TokyoEDGE Performing Arts Center, and has taught master classes in over 40 states across the U.S. Lastly, this year she was nominated by Capezio and Dancer Magazine as one of the top ten choreographers in the country. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she produces L.A’s most rockin burlesque group called: The Lalas.

Connect with Erin and The LaLa’s:

About The Lalas Burlesque

Definitely not a typical bawdy burlesque show, The Lalas is a Los Angeles based burlesque troupe delivering an extra special dose of fun. Lead by creator and choreographer Erin Lamont, The Lalas dancers also include Kelley Koski, Tonya Kay, Janelle Dote, Kelley Koski, Reyna Godoy, Tonya Kay, Janelle Dote, Jahnel Curfman, Erika Marosi, Aleksandra Wojda and Chantel Gonsalves. There is so much more to these glamorous beauties than their impeccable performance technique, professional industry status and striking looks. Audiences are in for an over-the-top extravaganza performance, which goes way beyond traditional burlesque. Every time the Lalas step out on stage, crowds sit at the edge of their barstools. The Lalas put on a tongue-in-cheek presentation, which includes comedic shenanigans, daredevil aerial tricks, Indiana Jones style whipping vignettes, jazz dance, pointe ballet and of course the girls exercise their talent to tease. While The Lalas Burlesque dancers love their bras and undies, they do a lot more than just perform while scantily clad. Whether it is performing a bluesy and seductive cigarette-filled show to the likes of Peggy Lee or rocking out to AC/DC and James Brown, The Lalas have the market covered when it comes to live burlesque entertainment. Breaking walls, The Lalas go way outside of the box and you never know what you are going to get!

Erin’s traveling music/song/podcast choice is:

Bob Marley station on Pandora

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