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On today’s podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting AM Davies, an exceptional individual with a multitude of talents and a strong dedication to supporting and championing dancers and strippers. AM’s own journey as a stripper, pole dancer, and pole dancing instructor grants her unparalleled insights into the needs and rightful aspirations of individuals working in these professions.

Our conversation was truly enlightening as we delved into her vibrant dancing career and her unwavering advocacy for dancers nationwide. AM not only shares her personal narrative but also provides a platform for numerous dancers to share their own stories through her podcast and social media channels. Her commitment to amplifying the voices and experiences of dancers is truly commendable.

However, our discussion took a poignant turn as we explored the impact of a life-altering accident AM experienced, which ultimately led to the amputation of her lower left leg. This profound event added an additional layer of complexity to her journey as an exotic dancer, as she had to navigate the challenges of learning to walk and perform with a prosthetic leg. Despite these adversities, AM’s resilience and determination shine through as she continues to thrive in her profession.

Furthermore, our conversation addressed the detrimental effects of the global pandemic on strippers and everyone associated with dance clubs. AM shed light on the profound challenges faced by these individuals, highlighting the widespread negative consequences of the pandemic on their livelihoods and well-being.

Overall, my discussion with AM Davies was an incredible opportunity to explore her multifaceted experiences as a dancer, her invaluable advocacy work, and the resilience she has demonstrated in the face of personal and societal challenges.

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A pole dancer and teacher for since 2002, AM Davies has been at the forefront of establishing the pole community. AM started dancing in Los Angeles strip clubs in 2002 and, four years later, won the title of Spearmint Rhino’s Entertainer of the year. AM then moved onto dance at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood, California starting in 2007 and remained there for 11.5 years.

In 2008, she organized Pole Star Invitational, the first pole dancing competition outside of strip clubs in the US. She founded United Pole Artists in 2009 with the goal of bringing dancers together to share their work and providing a platform for those outside the community to watch competitions and learn about pole.

Her thorough knowledge of pole and shared experience in the pole industry has motivated her to work on Fistful of Steel: A Pole Dance Film.  FFoS is a documentary focused on the history of pole dance.  She is a Co-Founder of Soldiers of Pole.

Yes, a Stripper Podcast

Strippers are real people that are capable of amazing things, in and outside of the strip club.  On “Yes, a Stripper Podcast” each week with a different guest, our host, AM Davies, discusses what strippers are up to, what the climate in and outside of the clubs is like and how social classifications can be harmful to marginalized groups.  Strippers, sex workers, pole dancers and civilians can learn from stripper and sex worker community members and their allies.  This podcast is recorded in collaboration with Period. and Starburns Audio.

Launching on February 12, 2020 on YouTube and anywhere else you can find podcasts! ‘Yes, A Stripper Podcast’ is produced under Period Network in conjunction with Starburns Audio. Producers are… Makenzie Mizell, Shelly Snyder and AM Davies

AM Davies yes a stripper amputee pole dancer
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