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Jason Sinay, a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and guitarist, has a storied career performing with legends like Keith Richards, Neil Young, and Mike Campbell’s Dirty Knobs. Now, he’s venturing into his solo career with the release of “The Mountain,” a double album produced and co-written with Martin Pradler.

In the latest episode of The Travel Wins, Jason shares insights on his musical journey, the challenges of leaving the Dirty Knobs, and the making of “The Mountain.” He reflects on the resilience required to perfect the album, highlighting songs like “It Was You” and “History,” which span decades, and more contemporary tracks like “Every Day Every Night” that delve into his personal life.

Starting his guitar journey at nine after a life-changing Led Zeppelin concert, Jason’s path was shaped by influences from Queen to Neil Young and mentorship from jazz guitarist Buddy Matlock. His early career included a significant record deal with Five Easy Pieces and extensive touring, which honed his craft and led to his pivotal role in the Dirty Knobs.

Leaving the Dirty Knobs was a tough decision, driven by a desire to explore his potential as a solo artist. This period of transformation resulted in “The Mountain,” an album Jason considers his most important work to date. He’s passionate about using the album’s proceeds for charity and is eager to return to touring, sharing his music live with fans.

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