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Emerging country singer Presley Tennant graces this week’s episode of The Travel Wins podcast, bringing her unequivocal talent and vibrant California spirit to the forefront. With an inspiring story and a dynamic career, Presley shares her musical journey and upcoming touring schedule thru California, Utah, Arizona and visiting Nashville on the regular.

Hailing from Norco, CA—affectionately known as Horsetown, USA—Presley has been immersed in the world of Country Music from a young age. Her national debut on The Voice at just 16 marked the beginning of her determined quest to carve out a unique space in the industry. Presley has since collaborated with top creatives to craft her distinctive California-Country sound, a harmonious blend of western lifestyle, powerhouse vocals, traditional roots, and modern energy.

Join us on The Travel Wins as we dive into Presley Tennant’s inspiring journey, exploring the lives of those who travel for their work. Uncover the stories behind their success and their impact on the world, one captivating episode at a time.

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