Jason Galante | Changing Landscape of Exec-Level Sales

Jason Galante marys gone crackers vp of sales

Jason Galante – Changing Landscape of Exec-Level Sales

Have you ever considered a career in sales? Jason Galante is the vice president of sales at Mary’s Gone Crackers, Inc. and has an impressive resume in executive-level sales. His experience includes working for food industry giants such as Kashi, Diamond Foods, and Snyder’s Lance. Learn how the Covid-19 pandemic changed how business is conducted, adjusted the method in which relationships are developed, and created the opportunity to work from just about any location. If you’re interested in the exciting career of executive-level sales and want to learn from a couple of experienced salesmen, don’t miss this intriguing episode of The Travel Wins.

“When salespeople are successful, and sales leaders are successful, they’re typically out in front of the customer, and I think companies are learning that… Essentially, you don’t need a sales leader or a leader in the building every day.” – Jason Galante

Not only do we learn about executive-level sales, but Pete and Jason also discuss the food industry and how consumers have changed their purchasing habits. You’ll also learn about the influence of social media, whether or not in-person sales will continue, and permanent changes that will likely remain due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Show Notes:

1:04 – Jason explains why salespeople no longer must work out of a company’s headquarters.

3:50 – Discover how the Covid-19 pandemic affected Jason’s travel schedule.

7:00 – We learn how the Covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed business.

9:30 – Find out if food sales increased or decreased during the Covid-19 pandemic.

12:35 – Pete and Jason discuss how consumer changes have boosted online sales.

15:32 – Jason tells us if trade shows will come back.

16:34 – Pete asks Jason about the secret to creating relationships with people in this new era.

20:16 – Learn how Jason has been able to stay with the same company while working remotely.

24:33 – Jason explains how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected consumer behavior in the food industry.

26:32 – Discover how the food industry utilizes social media.

27:42 – Jason tells us about new developments for Mary’s Gone Crackers.

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