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A weekly interview podcast with people that travel for their work

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Bree Schaaf – Slider

Bree Schaaf is my guest on today’s podcast. Bree is a winter Olympian in bobsled, coach of sliding sports, Olympic commentator and a member of the athletes’ advisory council....

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Courtney Rich – Cake Mom

Courtney Rich is my guest on today’s podcast. It was great hearing from Courtney how she has built up her cake business while raising her children and being a...

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Beach Volleyball

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BEACH VOLLEYBALL Beach Volleyball is the local sport to where I live, Southern California. The close proximity gives me a great opportunity to see world class athletes...

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Jules Hatfield – Sustainable

Jules Hatfield is my guest on today’s podcast. Jules is one half of the Jules & Christine travel team. They created a travel blog promoting sustainability in traveling while...

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Joe Garza – XXIV Karat

Joe Garza is my guest on today’s podcast. He is the managing partner of XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine and founder of West Coast Beverage Consulting firm. Joe shares his...

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Kevin Sorbo – Family Man

Kevin Sorbo is my guest today.  Kevin is an actor, director, producer, writer, father and husband. He is most famous for his role as Hercules and on the television...

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Featured Guests

Ryron Gracie

Jiu Jitsu Instructor

“I want to to start making a list of everywhere I’ve traveled now that I’m talking to you”

Kiki Wong

musician / author / traveler

“I think that’s what so great about hardships in travel, they may seem really terrible in the moment, at the same time that’s part of the experience and you learn from them”

Kevin Sorbo

Actor / Director / Producer

When I booked Hercules, I was in New Zealand for seven years”

Meryl Davis

Olympic Gold Medalist / Dancing with the Stars

“You just have to buckle up and just accept what comes along with the travel lifestyle”

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The Travel Wins

What a great find!!

I am a frequent business traveler and this podcast was not only useful… and I’ve had a lot of laughs with similar experiences!!

Review by Brett212, from United States of America • August 15, 2019


The Travel Wins

Travel Podcast!

A great show with helpful tips

Review by WHKoz, from United States of America • August 13, 2019


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