Tulsy and Rebekah Ball healthy entrepreneurs

Tulsy and Rebekah Ball healthy entrepreneurs chagit gotmatcha matcha mushroom

Tulsy and Rebekah Ball are healthy entrepreneurs making a difference in people’s lives running two separate businesses, Got Matcha and Chagit. We had a great talk about what it takes to start a small business while staying focused on getting others healthy during a worldwide pandemic.

I spoke with them about their travels getting their base products, one from near the arctic circle (Chagit) and the other from Southern Japan (Got Matcha). As a business traveler myself I was really interested in the benefits of their products for people spending so much time away from their home kitchens. I’m sure I’m not the only business traveler that looks for healthier options while on the road

Make sure to follow their social media pages to see where they will be next and how to purchase their products.


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Chagit Website

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ABOUT Chagit

Simply the best Chaga Mushroom extract. The Chaga mushroom may be the most powerful antioxidant ever found, but in its natural state, it’s impossible for a human to digest and gain any benefits. It’s hard to find, hard to harvest and hard to process. Using our proprietary, quadruple extraction process, we make the Chaga Shot easy to get, easy to drink and easy for your body to use. The best Chaga Mushroom extract available anywhere.

Our research team designed our extraction process to obtain the widest spectrum of beneficial compounds at their highest potency, to deliver the ultimate Chaga mushroom power to you without any artificial additives or preservatives. We keep it cold, to lock in its freshness and potency.  This is no simple tea.

The Chaga Shot is an all-natural, daily 2 oz blast of energy, immunity and vitality. It has only 4 ingredients, contains no caffeine, no added sugars, colors or preservatives. It is Chaga, better.

ABOUT Got Matcha

Around …..  21 years ago when Rebekah, our eldest, entered college to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. It was at this time she chanced upon an amazing life changing tea called “Matcha”. Years before Starbucks and other chains jumped on the bandwagon, Rebekah discovered for herself, and our family, the power behind Matcha and what the Buddhist temple priests called, “the elixir of the immortals”. We discovered for ourselves the health benefits first hand … increased energy & clarity, enhanced metabolism and weight management among many other things.

Fast forward to 2010. Fed up with the poor quality and high prices of the matcha being imported, the Kjos family set on a quest to find the rarest and most precious matcha on the earth, and bring it to market at an affordable price. Is all matcha created equal? Absolutely not. What makes our Matcha the finest in the world? Location, soil and the generations of experience of our tea sommelier and farmers. Matcha is only as good as the soil it is grown in, and our Matcha is grown on a small volcanic island in the south of Japan, rich in minerals and volcanic ash; producing a superior Matcha in both taste and L-Theanine content. 

You ask, What is L-Theanine? The magic behind Matcha. The higher the content of L-theanine in your matcha, the more potent and greater the benefits to you. Our Black Label, for example, has 2 to 3 times the L-theanine content of any other matcha in the world. And, all of our Matcha and Matcha lifestyle products are certified organic. For the Matcha plant to truly yield the highest levels of nutrients and benefits, the plant must be grown for 5 years before harvest can begin. 

Most competitors’ matcha is only grown 2 to 3 years. For Got Matcha it is not about the money, but about the quality. At our plant, every product we create, every tea, superfood bar or matcha protein powder, are created with one end goal; to give our customers the highest quality Matcha Lifestyle foods, to help reverse the downward trend of the aging process and make attainable a higher quality of life.



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