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Wendy Hill – Vegas Stories

Imagine all the crazy things you would see and the people you would meet after working nearly two decades in a major casino on the Las Vegas Strip. While most people slept, Wendy worked nights as a casino cocktail server during her 20’s and 30’s. She recalls the fast cash, partying while working, meeting famous people and dealing with drunk customers from all over the world.

Las Vegas is the ultimate tourist and business travel destination, catering to millions of people who visit each year. These casino jobs employ nearly half of the cities population and cocktail server is one of the most sought after positions, followed by working SWING SHIFT, where ALL the action happens. Wendy reflects on the transition from Mob run era into corporate America taking control. We also chatted about life as a civilian after retiring her tray.

“I saw about six security guards carrying a guy out that was zip tied at the ankles, they used his head to open the door and threw him out on the street.” ~ Wendy Hill

Wendy talks about the changes in not only the gaming industry but how the revenue earned in recent years comes from beverage sales and the new beast, Day/Night Clubs. There is a new breed of waitress, and she doesn’t wear much. Wendy doesn’t hold back on her thoughts and her stories match that energy.

She owns the domain for Casino Waitress just in case all those stories collected should need a platform. If you ever wondered what it’s like to live and work in a tourist destination, you won’t want to miss this episode!


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