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William Lee Martin is a seasoned comedian whose illustrious career spans over two decades, captivating audiences in comedy clubs, theaters, and even on cruise ships. Renowned for his exceptional talent, he had the privilege of touring alongside country music icons such as George Strait and George Jones, as well as all four members of the legendary Blue Collar Comedy tour.

In addition to his live performances, William Lee Martin achieved remarkable success with a one-hour television special that aired on CMT, captivating the attention of over a million viewers. His comedic prowess led him to become Carnival Cruise Lines’ top-rated and most requested act, performing in front of awe-inspiring crowds totaling 100,000 people.

Beyond his comedic endeavors, William Lee Martin is a multi-talented individual who excels in various creative pursuits. He writes, acts, and produces a highly successful web-blog called the “Living in the Middle Report.” Through this platform, he fearlessly tackles current events and addresses the significant issues faced by middle Americans, connecting with a broad audience and providing a voice for the underrepresented.

Furthermore, William Lee Martin’s compassion and philanthropy know no bounds. Together with his wife, he founded the Cowboys Who Care Foundation seven years ago. This incredible organization is dedicated to bringing smiles to children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by delivering hats. To date, their heartfelt efforts have resulted in the distribution of over 7,000 hats across the country, spreading hope and joy to countless young lives.

For more information about William Lee Martin and his endeavors, please visit his website at www.cowboybill.com, as well as the Cowboys Who Care Foundation website at www.cowboyswhocare.org.

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Quitting your job and starting a comedy career 4 days before turning 30, is probably not the smartest plan but that’s exactly what comedian William Lee Martin did in 1996. Three short years later he was opening for country legend, George Strait at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, TX in front of 75,000 laughing concerting goers.

That performance propelled William Lee’s career.

Rising quickly to the role of headliner for some of the most prestigious clubs including the Funny Bones, Improvs, Catch a Rising Star, Loony Bin, Carnival’s Punchliner and becoming a regular in Las Vegas, William Lee first hit the stage under the lifelong nickname his grandfather gave him, “Cowboy Bill”. He has also entertained our troops overseas and toured with other country stars like George Jones, Brad Paisley and all four of the Blue Collar guys. 

It all culminated in his getting his first one-hour television special in 2015 on CMT called Cowboy Bill Martin: Let the Laughter Roll which was seen in over 1.7 million homes. In January, 2016, Martin launched the Kings of Cowtown Comedy Tour with stand-up comedy newcomer and internet sensation, Chad Prather. 

Despite the success, William Lee once again made wholesale changes in life and career in 2017 including cleaning up his act, dropping the moniker, Cowboy Bill and getting his first movie role in the film, 300 Savage.

Now with an impeccable reputation for writing accessible, original material with gut busting laughs, William Lee is hailed as one of most talented comedians working today. On social media, he writes and performs the hugely popular, The Living in the Middle Report, a hilarious explanation of problems facing middle-income America.

Although William Lee’s passion is comedy, he also has written several songs including, I’ll Stand for You and 400 Horses.

On the home front, William Lee is happily married. He and his wife are the proud parents of five beautiful children.

William Lee and his wife also founded Cowboys Who Care Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit, to deliver cowboy hats to boys and girls who have cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. To date, CWCF has delivered over 8,000 brand-new hats across the country from New York to California.

William Lee is kicking off his 2019 Runnin’ with El Diablo Comedy Tour and releasing two brand new comedy TV specials, Standing in the Middle and The Nutcracker Comedy Special.


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