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“From Stay-at-Home Mom to Solo Adventures: Barbara Majeski’s Inspiring Journey”

In the latest episode of The Travel Wins, we sit down with the remarkable Barbara Majeski. Her story is nothing short of inspiring as she transforms her life after a challenging period that included a divorce and a battle with stage 3 cancer.

Once a dedicated stay-at-home mom, Barbara decided it was time to reinvent herself and embark on a new adventure. Today, she has found her calling as a lifestyle and entertainment coordinator, collaborating with both local and national television shows.

But that’s not all – Barbara has an exciting solo expedition on the horizon. She’s gearing up for a trip to the captivating city of Rome, and she’s aptly named her adventure “Rome Alone.” It’s a journey filled with anticipation, independence, and self-discovery.

As we delve into Barbara’s story, it becomes evident that she might just be the perfect candidate for a follow-up episode. We’ll eagerly await her return from Italy to hear about her experiences, adventures, and newfound perspectives.

Barbara’s openness and candor during our conversation made this podcast episode truly special. I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to her for sharing her time and her incredible journey. Join us in this captivating episode as we explore the transformative path of Barbara Majeski, from stay-at-home mom to solo adventurer.


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Welcome to my Second Act…

Barbara Majeski is a mom, on-air television personality, a cancer survivor and a passionate philanthropy advocate. In 2015 she was recognized with a global humanitarian award from Operation Smile after mobilizing hundreds of people to fundraise. Six months later she was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and would captain this treacherous voyage with her three young children in tow. 

After a yearlong battle she emerged with an infused sense of purpose and zest for life. Today she is launching a global lifestyle initiative as the, “Curator of the Good Life”, a three dimensional endeavor dedicated to inspiring people to live with purpose, style and adventure.

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