Autumn Adele is pretty badass – Ep. 238

Autumn Adele is pretty badass model playboy actress ketamine wellness advocate

Autumn Adele is an author, podcast host, mental health advocate, model, actress and a positive force in the world based in the Los Angeles area. This was my second time interviewing Autumn and it was great catching up with her after she started her own podcast aptly named Pretty Badass. She went from writing Pretty Depressed to starting her show called Pretty Badass. It’s a show connecting with badass people that share their secrets! She is fortunate to be able to interview other people that may have experienced trauma, of different types, and discuss how to move on and become better from their experiences.

Be on the lookout for her next book that will be about her personal experiences with Paris. I’m looking forward to reading, and hopefully hearing on audio, her experiences and stories about the beautiful city in France. I’m thankful she was able to spend so much time with me chatting about what makes her tick and where she is headed. Check out her podcast, read her books and become a fan.

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ABOUT Autumn

Autumn shares her feelings and what was happening in her life at the time she decided to write her new book “Pretty Depressed” and how she is striving to get better herself while helping others by sharing her story. With many countries locking down over the past year she was able to travel within the United States during the lockdown which helped her keep her balance.

While suffering from mental illness and substance abuse in her 20s, Autumn obtained a marketing degree from Florida State University, moved to LA, modeled for Playboy, Mens Health Magazine, Levi’s and Chevy and starred on Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown. In her 30s, Autumn found a treatment plan that worked for her, built a social following around her mental health advocacy and began writing her first book while maintaining a successful career in biotech & stem cell research. She also recently scored an acting role opposite Luke Wilson in the film ‘The Swing of Things’ a movie released in the summer of 2020.


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Autumn Adele model actress advocate sexy playboy ketamine
Autumn Adele Pretty Badass Podcast
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