Berny Martin | a fashion designer setting trends in fashion while residing in the midwest

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How do you start your own fashion show?

Berny Martin is my guest today and he is a fashion designer, style consultant, custom tailor and founder of the Midwest Fashion Show. We had a great chat about his decision to start a fashion design company in the Midwest instead of New York or Los Angeles. While admitting that Carmel, Indiana isn’t the hub of fashion forward trends, Berny has made it a point to express his visions and to make them available to everyone.

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As a fashion designer, the inspiration for the clothes I design comes from everywhere and anywhere I go. From the corner market to the farthest corners of the world. I love to travel and gather colors and textures and looks from exotic places. I also like to stay close to home – and walk through my neighborhood and watch the people around me. I closely study how people choose to express themselves. Or could better express themselves. I like museums and art fairs and festivals. Anything where creativity is allowed to flow. Fashion design allows me to create pieces entirely outside of my own personal area of expression… but that can touch others very deeply.

Berny Martin is the founder of Catou, a clothing design company and Midwest Fashion Week, a fashion production company. He was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and was raised in Brooklyn, New York.  Berny is a fashion designer and a fashion producer. Berny’s initial career path was engineering with an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering.

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