Creed Fisher striking a chord – Ep. 280

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Dive into the inspiring story of Creed Fisher on The Travel Wins podcast, where music meets the essence of America! Starting his music career after turning 35, Creed left behind his oil field career to chase his true passion in the world of country music. His songs are infused with fierce patriotism and resonate deeply with the American spirit. Celebrating liberty, resilience, and indomitable courage, Fisher’s music captures the heart of the nation. His powerful tribute to the red, white, and blue has made him a cherished icon among patriots and music enthusiasts alike. With a gritty, authentic sound that embodies the soul of country music, Creed Fisher is not just a musician—he’s a storyteller whose tales echo the American dream. Tune in to hear how Creed Fisher became the voice of America, inspiring listeners with every note.

EVENT ALERT: Patriots Fest is an independent music festival that boasts a lineup of seasoned musicians including 3 Doors Down, Ted Nugent, Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy, Demun Jones, Creed Fisher, Brandon Hartt and many others, along with retired military heroes. Join them on Saturday, May 18th, 2024, in Aurora, Illinois. 100% of net proceeds will be donated to military charities. Take pride in knowing your ticket purchase helps make our heroes’ lives a little easier. We will be honoring distinguished military, including Medal of Honor recipients, Navy Seals, Green Berets, and numerous Veterans from past conflicts.


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