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On this episode of The Travel Wins, I talk to Eric Christenson, CEO and co-founder of Nutrient Survival. Nutrient provides “freedom food” to fuel success on the road or at home.

As a former army guy and marketing exec, Eric knows the challenges of life on the go. He estimates over 120 travel days a year now running Nutrient. We discuss some of the places he’s called home over the years, from military posts to various companies. His favorite remains the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he appreciates the local culture and proximity to major East Coast cities.

Nutrient makes specialty emergency rations designed with the same standards as military special forces packets. By partnering with influencers in tactical communities, they spread the word on reliable fuel for any scenario.

Starting a food biz comes with its own challenges. Eric shares how direct-to-consumer marketing helped bypass traditional retail hurdles in product development.

We get real about the modern processed food system and lack of nutrients in many options. Nutrient Survival aims to provide real nutrition to power success wherever the road may lead.

Before we go, don’t miss details on Nutrient’s new resource for brain health and cognitive performance through lifestyle factors. Take control and maximize your potential – no matter how many airports you call home.

As special for all of my listeners, Nutrient Survival is offering an additional discount by using the code TRAVEL on their cart checkout page. Click this link to access their products right away. Nutrient Survival

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