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Erick Kozin Chipoys motorsports ceo entrepreneur

Erick Kozin is the co-founder of Chipoys, a new to market rolled tortilla chip, offering a “better for you” snack business that was started during the world wide pandemic. He is a seasoned and exceptionally skilled marketer, boasting an impressive track record in the field of lifestyle branding for over 15 years. With a strong focus on action sports and an extensive knowledge of the LATAM market, Erick’s expertise is unparalleled. He has consistently demonstrated his proficiency in various areas, including digital marketing, social media strategies, content marketing, PR/publicity campaigns, and organizing captivating live events.

What sets this family man apart is not only his professional acumen but also his personal journey as a former professional athlete. This unique background has endowed him with a deep understanding of the industry, enabling him to craft marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience on a profound level. Through his experiences, Erick Kozin has cultivated a set of core values that he holds dear: unwavering optimism, a relentless work ethic, unyielding integrity, and an unwavering commitment to follow through on his promises.

 It’s an excellent opportunity to gain insights into building a new business from a successful entrepreneur.

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ABOUT Chipoys

Chipoys is a brand that values both tradition and innovation when it comes to creating rolled tortilla chips. By combining authentic Mexican flavors with a touch of creativity, they aim to provide a unique and enjoyable snacking experience for their customers.

Preserving traditional flavors is important in honoring the rich culinary heritage of Mexican cuisine. It allows people to connect with the cultural roots and experience the genuine taste that has been passed down through generations. However, innovation and introducing new and exciting flavors is equally important in keeping things fresh and appealing to a wider audience.

By offering bold flavors and a fun-filled experience in every bite, Chipoys not only caters to people’s taste buds but also enhances their snacking enjoyment. A chip that embodies a lifestyle suggests that Chipoys aims to go beyond being just a snack and become a symbol of a vibrant and adventurous way of living.

With a commitment to evolving and bringing new tastes to their customers, Chipoys shows a dedication to staying relevant and keeping up with changing preferences and trends. This allows them to continually surprise and delight their consumers with innovative chip varieties that they may not have experienced before.

Overall, Chipoys is a brand that understands the significance of tradition while embracing the excitement of new flavors. By combining these elements, they aim to provide a distinctive snacking experience that embodies a lively and flavorful lifestyle.


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Erick Kozin eat chipoys

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