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“Rolling Through Life’s Adventures: A Candid Chat with Professional Roller Skater Frances McGee AKA Abominatrix”

I had the pleasure of catching up with none other than the dynamic professional roller skater, Frances McGee, widely recognized as the enchanting Abominatrix. This particular conversation marked a delightful departure, as it’s been a while since a close friend graced the airwaves.

Our dialogue delved into the extraordinary journey that roller skating has carved for Frances, highlighting the mesmerizing locales it has led her to. From the inception of her skating odyssey to her meteoric rise, Frances shared intimate insights into her illustrious career. But that wasn’t all – she graciously imparted her wisdom to novices like myself, offering pearls of guidance on achieving that seamless flow while embracing the learning curve.

What truly stood out in our discussion was Frances’s profound appreciation for the rare privilege of transforming her deepest passion into a vocation. With heartfelt candor, she revealed how her roller skating voyage ignited amidst the tropical allure of Hawaii. The conversation swerved through the highs and lows of her derby days, punctuated by the battle scars and triumphs that characterize a dedicated pursuit.

As a true globe-trotting virtuoso, Frances has crisscrossed the Western expanse, imparting her expertise through captivating teaching seminars. It’s a testament to her dedication that her influence spans not just the art of roller skating but extends to the inspiring stories she shares. The wanderlust she kindles in others mirrors her own insatiable thirst for exploration.

For those yearning to keep pace with Frances’s ventures, a simple follow across her social media platforms promises a front-row seat to her unfolding adventures. And for those keen to unlock the secrets of her skating finesse, there’s the golden opportunity to sign up for lessons led by one of the finest in the field.

Intriguing, inspirational, and rife with insights, this episode is a treasure trove for avid travelers and skating enthusiasts alike. So, buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of stories and wisdom – an experience that promises to leave you both awestruck and motivated.

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ABOUT Frances McGee

be love in action, own your motivation.

For 14 years I’ve been passionate about creating holistic learning experiences on skates. Sharing the empowering benefits of kinetic alignment with beginner skaters and beyond…

I started in 2007, skating around Oahu, Hawaii, protesting in support of marriage equality.

To me roller skating is a form of self expression I could aim towards any challenge. In a way, it lead back to my voice… That one true power in us all.

It goes that deep, it’s genetic, it is heritage, it is American History. My Grandmother and Great Uncle, both black elders, were roller skating since the ‘40s & ’50s, competing on soul nights, navigating segregation and pitching in during the civil rights movement. Into the OG roller derby days in Kansas City, KS with my Uncle bounced bouts. Decades later, my eldest cousin continues with tradition, traveling the country contributing to the culture in regional skate party scenes.

And here I am tapping into the resurgence of derby in the 2000s, diving into the civil rights movement of today.

Proudly representing my passion, my family roots, and my Black cultural history.

I believe in my heart that skating finds a person within an evolution of self,

Or a life transition. Roller skating found me when I felt like my life was no longer worth living. I started skating when my epilepsy was in a bad place. It was the worst bout of seizures I’ve had in my life. I felt trapped in my body, home, work, and relationship. Without graduating college and I didn’t see a way out. Let alone, how I fit into traditional roles of a ‘successful’ woman.

I needed to connect to the child within me that knew joy.

Those formative early years on skates helped me find perspective, get venerable, accept my health and body for the gift of each new day. I also found the power as an artist to create freely on roller skates.

Follow my feed for calming skate videos, tutorials, seminars, and workshops and a look into how I combine roller skating with the fight for social justice.


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