JIFU CEO and Founder Brad Boyle

JIFU CEO and Founder Brad Boyle

JIFU Travel LLC, is an American company which operates an exclusive travel membership-only platform for wholesale travel, vacations, cruises and car rentals to travelers at heavily discounted prices. This is my second interview with CEO and Founder, Brad Boyle talking about the programs they offer using algorithms that identify unsold inventory by various travel providers. Brad shares several ways to save money planning your travels and the actual importance of travel for work and for pleasure.

In these”post-lockdown” days, many businesses and business travelers are looking at ways to keep their travel expenses down while still maintaining their face-to-face business relationships.

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How does it work?

Unsold inventory hurts the bottom line. Empty seats, unsold rooms, and unrented cars must be sold, even if it’s at prices well below retail. Travel providers secretly share their unsold remnant inventory to online travel, including JIFU.

How can JIFU offer average discounts of 33-44% savings on hotels compared to the big name websites?

It’s simple, we all get access to hotels, condos, excursions, activities, cruises, and rental cars from the same place at the same prices. To make a profit and pay for advertising, other “discount” travel sites mark the prices up. At JIFU, we take those savings and pass them directly on to you, our members.

If JIFU doesn’t mark up the prices like the other sites, how does JIFU make money?

Instead of marking your prices way up like the other sites, JIFU is a month-to-month membership for unlimited travel benefits and full access to hotels, condominiums, theme parks, excursions, rental cars, cruises and more.



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