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In this captivating business travel podcast interview, I had the pleasure of conversing with the adventurous duo, Josh and Emily. This young couple has embarked on a remarkable journey of working and living remotely, all while residing in their creatively customized “skoolie” named Aurora the Adventure Bus. The onset of the worldwide pandemic served as a profound wake-up call for many, including Josh and Emily, prompting them to reassess their professional and living arrangements.

During the interview, I was delighted to explore their evolving journey, gaining insight into the transformative changes they’ve made to adapt to their new lifestyle. As they are just at the initial stages of their skoolie adventures, their perspective on the challenges and rewards of life on the road was both refreshing and inspiring.

With my own experience of living in an RV, “Deloris,” for my day job, I found a deep resonance with Josh and Emily’s contemplation about the importance of being mindful consumers. Their reflections on the essentials of life, such as water, food, and electricity, resonated profoundly with my own growing appreciation for the resources we use daily.

Throughout the interview, Josh and Emily displayed a genuine enthusiasm for sharing their experiences and were more than willing to address any interests or general inquiries from the audience. Their openness and willingness to answer questions make them relatable and endearing, making the podcast interview a truly engaging and insightful experience for listeners.

As the world of remote work and nomadic living continues to intrigue and captivate many, Josh and Emily’s story offers a unique and personal perspective on what it takes to embrace such an unconventional lifestyle. Their dedication to forging a fulfilling and sustainable future while on the road serves as a source of inspiration for anyone seeking to explore alternative ways of living and working.

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ABOUT Josh, Emily and Aurora: The Adventure Bus

Converted school buses, also called “skoolies,” are a popular alternative to RVs and tiny homes.

Named Aurora the Adventure Bus, it is a 40-foot-long 2004 International RE-300 school bus that has been converted into a lavish tiny home on wheels. Engineers by profession, the young couple from South Dakota has taken two years and about $80,000 to complete the project.

The couple has renovated the interior as well as the exterior. One interesting improvement drawing attention is the raised roof that has been lifted 18 inches up which increases the headroom inside the bus.

The exterior of the Aurora Adventure Bus is painted in random orange and cream white that’s sure to catch attention. There are three awnings that wrap around the entire bus and help maintain the interior temperature. Inside; there is a cozy sofa bed, kitchen, two work-from-home stations, bathroom with shower, and bedroom in the middle.

The interior layout looks quite stylish, with a ceiling paneled in wood and walls done in white. The most interesting thing inside the bus is the kitchen which includes a large pantry with a spice rack. Being a cat parent, the couple has included a hidden cat litter box next to the front door. They’ve has even renovated the driving section to make space for storage and a shelf for planters.

The couple has built the bus conversion RV for off-grid life since the roof is equipped with a 2,400-watt solar panel system and a 200-gallon water tank. Also, there is an 80-90 gallon fuel and an additional 20-gallon fuel tank for heaters mounted within the body of the bus, with access from the outside. The bus home is powered by a DT466E engine, which is sufficient to tow their Jeep Wrangler.


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Aurora: The Adventure Bus

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