Kevin Krohn | being vegan as a touring musician is easier now

Kevin Krohn

On my Travel Wins podcast is pianist/keyboard player Kevin Krohn. Kevin has been a professional musician for 30+ years. He spent time touring as the keyboardist for the 80’s band Missing Persons and more recently toured with the Pink Floyd Experience. He is continuing his playing as part of a dueling piano ensemble in Las Vegas playing to thousands of people each week.

“The work and being away from home it’s sort of a necessity, I grit my teeth and bear it”

I was really happy getting the chance to speak with Kevin because of his eating choices and being a vegan for the past 27 years while being a touring musician. I know many of us business travelers struggle eating healthy while on the road. Not that we have to eat a vegan diet but more of the idea of making smarter, healthier choices while traveling. I know it’s just as easy to grab a candy bar, soda and some chips versus a protein bar, banana and water. Personally I am trying to be more aware of the positive aspects of eating healthier, maybe it’s just my advancing age?

Again I would like to thank Kevin for his time and sharing his experiences.

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