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Can I travel the world on a budget?

Lindsay Myers is my guest on today’s podcast. Lindsay is a luxury travel expert on a budget. Sounds like an oxymoron but Lindsay has figured out ways to travel luxuriously while on a budget. The best part of her experiences is that she shares her tips with everyone on her website and blog.

As a business owner that travels extensively for work I am always looking for ways to spend my time on the road as comfortable as possible without spending huge sums of money. Beyond just the actual tips that Lindsay shares on the podcast, it was great to hear her mindset on building a personal brand business and how she is adjusting thru the worldwide lockdown. Having a supportive newlywed husband who has the ability to travel with her is a big help.

Make sure to connect with Lindsay Myers on her social media pages and keep an eye out on your local television channels for her guest appearances.






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ABOUT Lindsay Myers

Lindsay Myers is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle expert whose outside-the-box approach proves you don’t have to pay top dollar to experience all that life has to offer… all you need is a mix of creativity and a thirst for adventure! Myers’ sparkling personality, fresh fashion know-how, and knack for balling on a budget have made her a regular feature on Access Hollywood while earning her a spot as celebrity stylist Brad Goreski’s travel sidekick on Bravo’s “Brad, Brad World,” as well as a solo travel series on KateSpade.com. Myers has made her luxury travel and lifestyle dreams come true and now shares her secret budget tips and tricks, proving herself to be an expert in the field and a true woman of influence. This lovable “girl next door” brings the full force of her media experience and budget-minded magic to making the high life accessible to and affordable for all. “People assume that you need a ton of money to experience everything life has to offer. I have made it my mission to prove them wrong.” In the last year alone, Myers planned her fairy tale wedding at an Irish castle followed by a thirty-day Italian honeymoon on a dime while scoring a designer wedding gown for less than a pair of late-night movie tickets. Today, more than 100,000 Instagram fans look to Myers for hot tips on living luxe without breaking the bank and an empowering message that when you embrace your own beautiful, powerful voice, “then you truly succeed.”

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