Pili Montilla bilingual entertainment – Ep. 266

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“Exploring the Dynamic World of Bilingual Entertainment with Pili Montilla”

In the latest captivating episode of The Travel Wins, we dive into the vibrant and multifaceted life of Pili Montilla, an Emmy Award-winning TV host, producer, and renowned tastemaker in the bilingual entertainment arena. Renowned for her deep immersion in music, fashion, arts, and travel, Pili stands out as an exemplary figure in the entertainment industry.

Adding to her impressive portfolio, Pili co-created, hosts, and produces the uncensored, bilingual Latin music podcast “Pili, Raúl and La Música” alongside the acclaimed DJ Raúl Campos of KCRW. Her expertise extends to hosting live events and collaborating with an array of high-profile clients like AT&T, Direct TV, Music Choice, Walmart, Lexus, and Starbucks, where she brings her unique flair as an influencer and content creator.

In our conversation with Pili Montilla on The Travel Wins, we uncover the intricacies of her dynamic career, exploring how she juggles her multifarious roles while maintaining her passion for travel and culture. This episode promises an enlightening look into the life of a woman who seamlessly blends the worlds of entertainment, travel, and bilingual storytelling, inspiring listeners with her relentless drive and infectious energy.


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