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“Chasing Dreams in Las Vegas: A Musical Odyssey with Sandy Knights”

In the enchanting city of Las Vegas, dreams are often woven into the very fabric of its neon-lit streets. In this captivating episode of The Travel Wins podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey of Sandy Knights, a California native who dared to chase her dreams in the city of lights. As the sultry notes of her voice echoed across the desert landscape, Sandy embarked on a musical adventure that took her far from home, both geographically and emotionally.

Sandy’s passion for singing ignited several years ago, sparking a fire within her to transform her love for music into a full-fledged career. Leaving her California roots behind, she ventured to Las Vegas, the entertainment mecca of the world. Here, she found her place in the spotlight, sharing the stage with the talented musicians of the local Vegas band, Whiskey Maiden.

But Sandy’s journey was not just about the thrill of performing under the glittering marquees of Sin City. It was about embracing life on the road, a nomadic existence that unfolded in the company of her fellow band members. What made Sandy’s story all the more captivating was the fact that she was the sole female lead singer in this five-piece musical ensemble.

In this episode, we get an exclusive peek into the challenges Sandy faced while living life on tour, far from the comforts of home. As she candidly shares her experiences, we explore the sacrifices she made, including the moments when she yearned for the familiar embrace of her hobbies, friends, and family.

Sandy poignantly reflects on her journey, saying, “I’ve recently come across some free time, and I kind of sat back with some solitude and thought to myself, when is the last time I rode a horse? When’s the last time I shot a gun? When’s the last time I went fishing? These are all things I did on a weekly basis back home.”

Join us as we dive deep into the life and dreams of Sandy Knights, a woman who chased her passion across state lines and stages, all the while discovering the true meaning of perseverance and the power of music. To keep up with Sandy’s musical adventures, be sure to follow her on her social media pages.

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ABOUT Sandy Knight

They say some people are born to do what they do and Sandy is living proof of that. Since before she could talk and barely walk Sandy’s grandmother would catch her pulling herself from the ground up her high chair and use the handle as microphone to sing in. This came as somewhat of surprise since no one in Sandy’s family had any kind of career in music.

At the young age of 3 Sandy began dance classes and started performing on stage in recitals and in church plays. At age 12 Sandy fell in love with musical theater where she was able to not only dance but also use her vocal talent and began performing in various musicals through Junior High and High School. During her junior year in high school Sandy began thinking about her future. As much as she loved performing she could not ignore her family’s expressed concern for a more stable career path.

Sandy then became a Volunteer Fire Fighter (Fire Explorer) for the city of Fremont and was ranked 2nd in the Academy. After high school Sandy went on to college for Fire Science Technology and was looking to have a career in the Fire Service. Call it fate, call it what you will, or you could just say life took a few different turns and Sandy ended up in Sacramento at age 19. Finally out of her hometown she began searching for her own identity. She worked a couple of fun, but dead end jobs in her first year on her own while continuing various college classes. One night she went out with a few guy friends to dinner at Hooters and was offered a job on the spot. Flattered and ready for new adventure; she accepted. Sandy went on to be crowned Miss Hooters of Sacramento 2007 and competed in Miss Hooters International Pageant in Las Vegas. While in Vegas she appeared on an episode of ESPN’s Best Damn Sports show with Pamela Anderson and Randy Couture. Upon Sandy’s arrival back from Vegas she received a message from the WWE that she had been scouted to audition to become a WWE Diva. During her audition Sandy was asked if she could sing…being out of singing for so long she replied “yes???”. Sandy was then asked to sing for the first time in 3 years and had an overwhelming feeling of stage fright. Sandy made it to the top 25 and was cut in the last round. After the audition Sandy could not stop thinking about singing and wondered how or if she would ever overcome being afraid to sing on her own. Just before turning 21 Sandy was introduced to a friend of a friend who was going to be opening a new country bar in Sacramento and was offered a bartending position.

Sandy, up for another new adventure, accepted. Soon after the bar opening, they began to have karaoke every night and Sandy began singing again. Shyly singing karaoke turned into her becoming “THE Singing Bartender”, which then turned into live bands asking her on stage during shows, which then created a buzz and people began asking Sandy why she doesn’t sing in a band. After 4 years of encouragement and persistence from customers and friends, Sandy joined her first band in 2011. She has since developed as a performer and singer and had no intention on stopping.

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